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Why Posential?

To simplify communications between kitchen and the wait staff is one of the most important feature of POS. Besides, POS not only allows you to attain full control of your restaurant but also helps you keep track of total bills generated, daily sales, staff performance, costs incurred and much more. The marketing team can manage their complete customer data at a center point while the purchase team can keep track of daily consumption thereby having overall control over the requirements of stock.

POS is similar to a time clock and hence also helps preparing payroll.

Point of Sale

Adaptable, Simple to use, Evolving - A complete software to automate your business needs.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management of POS is a module which helps you in managing multiple warehouses at several locations.

Inventory Management

The inventor tracking feature of POS helps you to track and control your stock and at the same time put an end to wastage and theft.

Salient Features